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Meet Dana!

Hello and thank you for clicking on this link to learn more about me!  It is crazy to think that back in 2008 when I first starting doing massage therapy, part time, that I would be where I am at today.  In May of 2014 i graduated from Colby Community College with a degree and board certification in massage therapy, and then in October of 2014 I bought a business and I couldn't be happier.  I love taking more classes and learning new techniques. In August of 2017 I learned Reiki from a reiki master in Wichita.  This has been an awesome modality to know and be able to help my clients.  I am always up to learn new things and expand my massage knowledge.  I am always just a call or text away!  785.650.7715  

I never knew how big of a difference massage therapy would make in one's life.  Back in 2004 I was in a car accident that caused some major damage, and it was after that my grandma started taking me to get massages.  I kept up with it, as it was the only thing helping me with pain control.  Then back in 2011 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and again......if I don't keep up with getting massages, I start hurting like none other.  Needless to say, massage therapy has changed my life in more than one way.     

I have a wide range of training in different modalies, and I know how to do Sweetish, deep tissue, sports therapy, pre-natal, hot stone, chinese cupping, heated bamboo, and so much more. 

Stop in at 1308 Main to check me out. 

Cell number is 785.650.7715 call or text me 

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Thank you for reading my short story!
Dana Ellis, owner!